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Welcome to 2019

Welcome 2019!

In the Naturally Prepared Refresher class, we reflect on our previous birth(s) before we begin preparing in earnest for the next birth. Acknowledging our story, our beliefs and the fears that arise from our previous journey allow us to step forward in greater awareness and with increased openness as we welcome the next birth and postpartum journey.

Some of you may have noticed I have been laying low on the Naturally Prepared front. It reminds me of hibernation or like a perpetual winter. I continued to teach and serve doula clients, but marketing, professional development, newsletters, First Fridays, special events, and so many extras I have offered over the years went dormant in 2018.

But winter ends, thankfully. For those of you I am friends with on Facebook, you may have a sense of what 2018 entrenched me in. A few clients have been instrumental this year in very key ways, and have become, as Brene Brown calls them, ‘Story Keepers” for bits and pieces of my journey. I call Brene Brown, “My Guru” and she has been absolutely essential to my survival, growth and transformation in 2018. She has inspired me to incorporate parts of her lessons into classes when we discuss postpartum, and I have plans to develop the role of perfectionism and shame on new parents further. She’s taught me a lot of lessons, but one of the biggest is the power of vulnerability. She has an incredible Ted Talk on it, check it out here

Embracing one’s vulnerability is super scary. I have done so much scary shit this year. And embracing and sharing my vulnerability with my client’s has been high among them. As an educator, a healer, a helper, a doula:

*I* am supposed to be the strong one, so I can inspire you to be strong.

*I* am the helper, not the one in need of help.

*I* am the supporter, not the one needing support.

*I* am the one to share resources, not the one needing to utilize them.

I had so much fear about being vulnerable, revealing myself and the judgments that would certainly accompany the revelations that I am not always strong, that I am in need of help, support and resources.

And there’s no doubt that some of that judgment is out there. But in finally embracing my vulnerability and sharing it, I have found it to be a tremendous gift to others, including my client’s. So, join me here, frequently I hope, for nuggets about my journey. And lots of relevant posts featuring resources and ideas I have wanted to share with you as my parenting journey has grown and my work as an educator and doula has continued to shape myself and the work I do.

I am welcoming 2019, the days and months and year which will continue to shape my story. Join me, as I set this intention to connect with you and wake after hibernation. Stepping, once again, into a new journey with openness and awareness.