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Birth & Beyond


This class is specifically designed for those planning an out-of-hospital birth (home or birth center). Those wishing to prepare for a natural birth in the hospital with a supportive team are also welcome. You will receive a binder and a goody box full of tools to utilize in labor and a special postpartum goody bag as well.

These classes are engaging, interactive, and empowering! A variety of activities and methods are utilized to engage you in classes and prepare you for your journey. You will connect with your partner and your baby while building confidence in the skills you already have within; you will also build awareness of new skills you may utilize to welcome your baby.

Topics covered in class include:

* Physiology and a Holistic Approach to stages of labor and birth

* Effective Contraction and Pain Coping Techniques

* The Powerful and Positive Role of the Mind/Brain in labor and birth

* Exercises and Positions for Comfort in Pregnancy and to encourage Optimal Fetal Positioning

* Relaxation Awareness and Techniques

* Comfort Measures – Tips, Tricks & Techniques (including waterbirth & setting up the tub for those planning a homebirth)

* The Partner’s Journey – significant attention is given to honoring the partner’s journey, and a special partner class is integrated into the 5 small group classes

* “What Ifs” in pregnancy and birth (including intervention, hospital transfer, communicating with caregivers/hospital staff, and to birth plan or not to birth plan)

* Naturally Prepared is the only local childbirth preparation class that includes a private class for each Birth and Beyond couple. This transformative class gives you and your partner the space to examine and tame any fears or concerns and intimately strategize for a smoother postpartum.


The class fee is $300 / couple, which includes:


  • 5 small group sessions and one private class for each couple
  • a binder of handouts and information
  • snacks at class (things that are good to eat in labor)
  • a goody box full of tools to utilize in labor
  • a special postpartum goody bag


Birth and Beyond Classes are consistently scheduled and nearly always full (class size is limited to 4 couples). The specific day/time of each session is determined by class participants who are registered by the preferred registration deadline (see below).

You will be asked about your availability on the registration form. If you miss the preferred registration deadline, please contact me to see if spaces remain for your due time.

Private classes are also available for those with scheduling challenges!

More questions? Check out the FAQs or contact Samanda at

Learn more about Samanda HERE!


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Please fill out this form to sign up for Naturally Prepared ~ Birth and Beyond. Be sure to check your email once you sign up and make sure you received the automated response. That way, you’ll know we got your signup information. If you haven’t received an email from us, try signing up again. I am excited to get to know you and share in this special journey!

*PLEASE NOTE* If you are signing up for a class AFTER the preferred registration deadline, please contact Samanda at or (314) 225-7891 prior to registering to verify that space remains for that session. Thank you.

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