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Pregnancy & Birth Classes


Why choose Naturally Prepared?


Listen to our clients; read some testimonials here!

Naturally Prepared is the ONLY childbirth preparation class in the area specifically designed for those choosing midwife assisted birth! These classes were personally developed by Samanda to approach the unique needs of parents making the choice to birth naturally with the assistance of a midwife.

We explore what you believe about birth, what you know about yourself and how those beliefs may serve or hinder you. We confront “what ifs”, such as:

  • What if my risk status changes?
  • How will I cope with the pain?
  • How do I communicate with others (who may or may not be supportive) about my choices?

We focus on an educated, flexible approach to intervention and navigating transfer if it becomes necessary. Naturally Prepared is the ONLY local class that offers a private class for each Birth & Beyond couple, so you can safely explore fears and concerns.

We believe you can do it, no matter how your baby needs to be welcomed, and give you confidence within. We believe partners are on this journey, too. We honor that journey as well with time set aside just for partners to explore their own journey.

In addition, we strive to support YOU and your growing family BEYOND classes. We encourage you (and your partner) to reach out to us. Many times groups in class together connect outside of classes and form friendships and relationships.

We have a Closed Facebook group only for Naturally Prepared families that provides encouragement, resources and support. In addition, Samanda hosts a monthly “First Fridays” event that serves as a “playgroup” for Naturally Prepared families.

We know you have many options to prepare for your journey (and doulas if you are considering additional labor support), and we encourage you to find the one that is the right fit for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Congratulations on your pregnancy journey, we would be honored to accompany you!


Naturally Prepared offers 2 Pregnancy & Birth Classes

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