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Vaccinations: Hard Questions, Honest Answers

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This course is 1 class and costs $50

This class is open to anyone, at any stage of their pregnancy and/or parenting journey:

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Are you frustrated by all the conflicting information out there about vaccines? Do you and your partner feel differently about these issues? Are your friends and family members telling you what you “must do” but you’re not sure what’s in your baby’s best interest? Dying to just know the truth?! Get the facts at Vaccines: Hard Questions, Honest Answers. This 3-hour class will cover the benefits and risks, discuss research and statistics, and arm you with practical information to navigate the murky waters of these controversial issues. Significant time will also be allotted for group discussion and answering your specific questions.

Class cost is $50/person. No additional cost for father/partner to attend. This includes a large folder of information and snacks.

Also, if you’re not sure which class you’d like to sign up for, or you just want as much knowledge as possible, you can sign up for all 3 Parenting classes for $125 by CLICKING HERE!

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*PLEASE NOTE* If you are attempting to sign up for a class that is less than 72 hours from now, we may NOT be able to accommodate you for that particular date. PLEASE check the calendar on the right side of this page to make sure the class is at least 72 hours from the current date. Feel free to email me at to discuss. Thank you.




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