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Freezer Meal Resources

Local Freezer Meal Resources

Compiled by Samanda Rossi, educator & doula at Naturally Prepared 4 Birth,

In my childbirth preparation classes, one homework assignment is to make freezer meals for postpartum. Almost always, couples return and share not only their babies and birth stories, but how grateful they were that they had those freezer meals ready!

Sometimes making freezer meals seems overwhelming, or you just don’t like to cook, or you’re out of them and need more. Or, if you’re like me, you just want something different from your regular rotation.

Below I share some local places that offer freezer meals and freezer meal making services (or fresh meals delivered). Have something to add to this list? Let me know and I will add it to the list!

Happy Eating!

Time for Dinner,

Brentwood, MO

I have been doing Time for Dinner on occasion for years. You can buy pre-made freezer meals and sides from their freezer, or you can go in each month of your choosing and prep freezer meals. You sign up online and choose your meals, then go in and prep the meals (they do all the ingredients, chopping, containers, and clean up). It’s super fun! They are a mom-owned, local business, and offer free meal prep and pick up for the first 3 months postpartum. My postpartum favorites are sweet potato black bean burritos and calzones (not available every month) because they can be cooked in single portions without thawing first – perfect for lunches!

The Dinner Bell,

Cottleville, MO

This place is very similar to Time for Dinner and offers meal making sessions and meals to go. I haven’t tried The Dinner Bell because it’s not in my neck of the woods, but have had a couple clients use their services and really like it. The menus look delicious, so good, I think I’ll try it soon!


Warson Woods, MO

Nourish offers a meal subscription service or you can go into their store and purchase ready made freezer meals. They usually have some fresh salads available as well. On Mondays, they do a meal deal where you get an entrée, salad and cookies for $34.95. I get postpartum meals here for doula clients occasionally. I love that they have healthy, and plenty of vegetarian, options. Some favorites of ours are butternut squash mac and cheese and roasted vegetable lasagna roll ups. They occasionally have BOGO events, watch out for those!

The Art of Entertaining,

Webster Groves, MO

Time for Dinner is actually a really delicious catering company. In addition, they have small and large casseroles available frozen and fresh, salads, and more. The real star of this place postpartum (and beyond) is the Monday Meal Deal. You get two large casseroles (options rotate weekly, there are usually about 20 choices), a salad, loaf of Italian Bread, and 4 cookies for $30. This is usually my go-to place for postpartum doula meals because for most families, the meal deal will serve a family of 2-3 eaters for more than one meal. Many casseroles are very carb/pasta heavy, but they usually have one gluten free option and a few that are a bit healthier. Our favorites are the Taco Pie and Chicken Diane. They will often also offer ½ off a large soup with the purchase of a family meal.

Halfway Homemade,

Shrewsbury, MO

This is a tiny mom-preneur business that offers prepped freezer meals for pick up once a month. She usually has about 8 choices and you can choose one or all 8. She will send you an email and let you know the ordering window, and then she will have a pick up day (delivery also available for a fee).

Katie Cooks,

Webster Groves, MO but workshops take place at an area restaurant

Check out her website for great Insta-Pot recipes. She also offers meal making workshops and sometimes pick up meals. Another awesome tiny mom-preneur!

Pure Plates,

Chesterfield, MO

Pure Plates is a meal delivery service (you can also pick up). I have had a few client’s do this service and been happy. My only issue is that when you are postpartum and likely nursing, I am not a fan of eating in restrictive ways and many of their meals will not meet the caloric needs of nursing Mamas (much less fulfill your ravenous appetite). So, if you go this route, prepare to supplement with some snacks.

Fit Flavors,

Chesterfield * Brentwood * Creve Coeur, MO

Fit Flavors provides healthy meals (name you diet restrictions/preferences and they have something for you) and snacks to go or delivered. I will echo what I said above with Pure Plates about postpartum nursing Mamas needing to have adequate caloric and fat intake. They do have athlete meals which are larger and would be a good option.

Fred and Ricky’s,

Maryland Heights and Creve Coeur, MO

Vegan? If so, this is your place! They offer all plant-based foods to go. Meals for one or family sized, snacks and more.

Red Zucchini,

Fenton, MO

Red Zucchini is a meal subscription service. The meals come prepared (unlike Hello Fresh or similar that still require a lot of prep). The menu changes weekly and looks AMAZING! There are 4 drop off locations in the St. Louis area or you can pick up in Fenton. They offer single serve or family meal packages, but you must purchase at least 10 single or 5 family entrees each week. Meals are healthy, fresh, and they will work with dietary restrictions.


Nationwide Delivery

Gobble is a meal delivery service. They provide all the ingredients and instructions for making the meals. But, unlike a lot of your make-it meals, there’s very little prep for meals and they can be made within 15 minutes. That’s why they’re included here, upon recommendation from a client who has been using it. I love their many menu options, customizable for preferences and allergies. In my opinion, it is also affordable. A huge bonus is they offer lunch and breakfast options which are sometimes the hardest meals to eat postpartum, especially when partners and helpers have gone back to work or returned to “life”. Gobble up!


Nationwide Delivery

Freshly is already made meals delivered to your door, you just heat and eat. Their menu changes weekly and they have many delicious options, and all are gluten and peanut free! Meals sound hearty and delicious. You can choose 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals per week, customizable to eaters in your family which makes it great for differing tastes.