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Frequently Asked Questions

How many couples are in the class(es)?

For pregnancy and birth classes, class size is limited to 4 couples. This ensures an intimate, comfortable, personalized experience for everyone.

For parenting classes, there is no set limit regarding the number of couples that may attend at one time. However, class size is currently restricted by the small size of Halley’s home (it fits about 3 couples comfortably). Halley is looking for a more suitable meeting place that could accommodate large groups of 6-10 couples.

When are the classes?

All classes form and are scheduled based on interest and due dates. If you think Naturally Prepared classes are the right fit, you are encouraged to register by the preferred registration deadline. Interested couples with similar due-times will be contacted as soon as the class is full OR a few weeks prior to the anticipated start week to find a mutually agreeable day/time to meet for all classes.

If you have a work/school/childcare schedule that may be hard to accommodate, please let Samanda ( know in advance. Scheduling is sometimes tricky, but with some flexibility, we usually make it work for everyone (which is a lot like birth)!

Each parenting class is usually offered quarterly. Couples are welcome to attend at any point during pregnancy or their parenting journey. As with birth classes, please let Halley know in advance if you have a tricky schedule. If your schedule is unable to be accommodated for an upcoming class, there’s always another one about 4 weeks down the road. Halley is happy to take your individual schedule into account when scheduling future class times.

Where do classes take place?

Pregnancy and birth classes take place in Samanda’s home in Webster Groves, MO. I am willing to teach group classes in another location provided there are at least three couple’s (an additional small travel fee will apply).

Parenting classes currently take place in Halley’s home in Rock Hill, MO. As mentioned above, the location for these classes will be changing when a larger space is available.

How long are the classes?

All birth classes are 2-3 hours in length. This varies by group, and occasionally a class will stretch a little longer (especially the reunion/labor rehearsal class in Birth & Beyond and Preparing for Birth refresher classes).

Parenting classes are 3 hours in length. They are designed to meet just once, however follow-up classes may be scheduled based on participants’ interest.

How do I register for a class?

Note: Your registration form reserves your spot in the class. Please do not register for the class until you are certain Naturally Prepared is the right fit for you!

Click on any of the following links to be taken to that registration form:


I am planning a hospital birth, will Naturally Prepared birth classes be a good fit for me?

If you want to prepare for a NATURAL birth and you are willing to have conversations with your care provider and place of birth about their (and your) flexibility in supporting a natural birth, YES! I do strongly encourage those planning a hospital birth hire a doula (doesn’t have to be me or Halley) and that both partners read The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer in addition to other class work. I cannot guarantee anyone in my classes (regardless of caregiver/place of birth) a natural or even a vaginal birth. However, you CAN prepare for a natural birth and build a team that will support you on your journey to welcoming your baby and emerging as empowered parents.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes, all birth and parenting classes are available privately. Individual customizable classes (such as a fear release class) are also available upon request. Private classes are $75/each if you travel and $100/each if Samanda or Halley comes to you.

What's included in the class fee?

Hard Questions, Honest Answers & Breastfeeding and Baby Care all include a folder of information and resources, plus healthy snacks and drinks.

Birth & Beyond and Preparing for Birth Refresher include a binder full of useful information (many families use their binders in labor) and a goody box (or bag) with materials you will utilize in class, in labor, and postpartum. A lending library is also available. In addition, healthy, good for labor snacks are enjoyed at each class!

Do I need to bring anything to class?

For all classes, the only thing you will need to bring (to the first class) is your payment. Birth classes may ask you to bring an exercise mat, pillows, or work completed outside of class to subsequent classes. BOTH PARTNERS SHOULD ALWAYS DRESS COMFORTABLY FOR CLASS! Just like in labor, we move 😉

What if the father/partner cannot attend? Is there a difference in price?

You are welcome to attend with another supportive person, or solo. The price of the class will NOT change, as the supplies (and time invested) are the same.

Can my friend/family member who will be at the birth attend classes (in addition to my partner)?

Inviting others to your birth is a very intimate decision and will be discussed in class. Usually I invite them to attend one of the classes (determined by their experience and intended role at your birth). Please discuss this prior to class with Samanda.

What if we miss a class or have our baby before birth classes are done?

If you have your baby prior to the end of class, I will provide an in-home postpartum visit. If you need to make up a class, I will attempt to accommodate you by scheduling a make-up class (additional fee applies for make-up classes). Occasionally weather, sickness, or doula work requires Samanda or Halley to re-schedule classes.

Do we have any options if we can't afford the classes or doula services? Are there any discounts?

We are open to working out a payment plan, registry (classes/doula services make great “gifts” from family or friends), or even barter. In addition, we have a Naturally Prepared scholarship fund (thanks to some generous clients and educational/fundraising events) to offset the cost for those in need.  Doula clients DO receive a discount on classes.

For questions regarding Birth & Beyond, or Preparing for Birth Refresher, please email Samanda: For questions regarding Hard Questions, Honest Answers OR Breastfeeding and Baby Care, please email Halley: halleywkim(at)gmail(dot)com.