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Doula Services


Naturally Prepared is delighted to offer Doula Services for those planning home, birth center, or hospital births. Our services include:


  • Free initial consultation to see if we’re a good “fit”
  • Prenatal home visit(s)
  • 24/7 phone/email support
  • Use of lending libraries
  • Assistance developing labor/birth, newborn, and cesarean preferences (if desired)
  • Physical, mental, emotional support throughout labor and as needed postpartum for mothers, fathers, and siblings
  • Postpartum visit(s) and breastfeeding support


Why choose a Naturally Prepared Doula?


We believe that women birth best where and with whom they feel safest and most supported. We are committed to and experienced with natural, normal birth. However, our focus is on welcoming each labor and birth with flexibility, so you may emerge as empowered parents no matter where and how your baby needs to be born.

We are honored and committed to accompanying you on your journey, no matter where that journey goes and what you need along the way physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Between the two of us, we have experience with: homebirth, natural and medicated hospital birth, home and hospital water labor/birth, homebirth to hospital transfer, vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC), planned and unplanned cesarean birth, difficult outcomes (such as anomalies or loss of baby).

In the hospital setting, numerous studies have shown the benefits of a doula, including:

  • Reduces the need for interventions, pain medication and surgical delivery
  • Results in shorter labors with fewer complications
  • Increases breastfeeding success
  • Reduces negative feelings about the birth and postpartum depression


What we do:

We believe that mothers and babies know how to give birth. It is our desire not to be intrusive to the natural process, rhythm, and relationship with your partner that you will hopefully encounter on your journey. We assist in the following as needed and desired by the family:

  • Support your partner in best supporting YOU!
  • Strive to build a positive rapport with all members of the birth team so we work together for a healthy mom, baby and family. We are familiar with (and have worked with most) of the local midwives and physicians who are highly supportive of natural birth.
  • Suggest and support comfort measures such as massage, utilizing heat and cold, water therapy, relaxation, optimal fetal positioning, and positions for pushing.
  • Encourage use of contraction and pain coping techniques.
  • Setting up the birth tub (if desired/needed).
  • Provide Mental Support, including helping you navigate and use your BRAIN (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, etc…) for all procedures and interventions, and giving you suggestions on advocating for yourself and communicating effectively with staff.
  • Provide Emotional Support, including supporting an environment where you feel safe.
  • Provide supportive verbal feedback and assurance.
  • Help you utilize relaxation and contraction coping strategies.
  • Offer food and hydration (to you, your partner, and care provider when appropriate)
  • Get desired supplies and staff.
  • Ensure special wishes and traditions are performed and spiritual support is available (if desired).
  • Give you and your partner space and time to be intimate and connect (if desired).
  • If planning a homebirth/birth center birth, provide additional support in the situation of transfer.
  • Take pictures/video as circumstances allow using your equipment (if desired).
  • Provide a postpartum perineal tea to aid in healing for vaginal births (when not provided by caregiver).
  • Samanda provides a postpartum meal with her doula services.

Finally, be sure to check out this Friends of Missouri Midwives article to learn more about doulas and homebirth.

We believe every family who wants a doula should have one! Samanda and Halley’s individual standard rate is $700 for class clients. We are happy to set up a payment plan, gift registry for our services, and/or may provide discounts/barter based on need. In addition, Samanda provides on-call doula services to Naturally Prepared class families in situations of need. Learn more about us and our training and skills here.