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Naturally Prepared Childbirth Preparation Classes 2019

Note:  The day and time of classes is determined by participants who have submitted registrations ONE MONTH prior to the anticipated start date week below (underlined below). For example, estimated start week of January 7th, register by December 7th. Registering after this date has passed is possible IF space remains and if the agreed upon day/time works for you. Occasionally, sessions are added based on interest/need, so please reach out even if you think you’ve missed the deadline! You are encouraged to register early, as sessions almost always fill up. On occasion, the anticipated start/finish dates below may shift based on due dates of those registered, travel/family responsibilities and doula work. Group classes take place in Kirkwood.

Birth & Beyond: 5 small group classes and 1 private class, 5 weeks

Refresher: 3 small group classes (sometimes also offered as 2 classes) 

Due in March, April or early May? Classes to begin the week of January 15th

Due in late May, June or early July? Classes to begin the week of March 31st

Due in late July, August or early September? Classes to begin the week of May 19th

Due in late September, October or early November? Classes to begin the week of July 28th

Due in late November, December or early January? Classes to begin the week of September 29th

Due in early 2020 (prior to March)? Classes to begin the week of November 17th